Clay soil rehabilitation

As my soil is hopeless clay, I should do something about it to grow vegetables on it. You can find a lot of helpful advices on the Internet. In one of the free weekend training that I have attended, I have been introduced GroundBreaker from MultiCrop. This is a liquid clay breaker which you need to dilute 1 lid of it with 9 litres of water and sprinkle on the clay. I used this all over the garden. I am told, it is also good when planning for big fruit trees; first dig the hole for the tree, fill it with water and GroundBreaker and leave it for about a week or till the water soaks up completely. This will help clay to break down and let the water go deeper rather than rotting the roots of your tree. Also roots will go deeper as the tension of clay broken.


I also incorporated in 50kg of gypsum to the area. I think Gypsum is working faster on the outer crust. Today was rainy even some hailstorms and the “garden to be” place is still sticky. Of course it will take time, I am not waiting for a miracle. This area was flooding in a rainy day before but now drainage is significantly increased. I think I am getting there.


When I add the top soil next week, it will be awesome. While I am growing my veggies, micro-organisms and worms will work underneath to rehabilitate the soil. My 5000L rain water tanks on the left are also full.

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