Compost Bin

There is a lot of information about this subject on the net. I will not reiterate those but tell you what I did. As we are consuming food, there is a lot of waste produced which can be utilised in the garden with some processing. Compost Bin is working different than a Worm Farm to break down the living materials. It works on the micro-organism level and may be earth worms.

I build mine out of 3 brick pallets and filled with 7 bags of leaves which I have collected from a friends garden. 3 bags of it sits as a guard at the front and the rest is inside. I have also collected used coffee grinds from local coffee shops and added them too. Now most of my kitchen scrap goes into this except meet products. I have also saved egg cartoons. I will use the egg cartoons to create layers and to increase air intake.

DSCF5589  DSCF5588 DSCF5593

I don’t care about the openings on the sides as it needs air. It requires turning with a garden fork every weekend. I also need to cut an old carpet to use as a covering on top. The chicken wire on top is scaring birds away.

Compost bin will invite worms and other small insects to the pile area which will speed up the process. Every end of season dead plants will end up here and eventually increase the soil structure when they compost.

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