Where to get seeds?

Of course the first source should be your fellow gardeners. I didn’t have any friends who has a vegetable garden and also didn’t have any seeds at my disposal to exchange them.
I bought my seeds from online suppliers and Magnet Mart. These are:

Diggers, www.diggers.com.au

  1. Capsicum mini sweet mix – code: s065
  2. Eggplant heirloom mixed – code: s116
  3. Onion red – code:s156
  4. Pea greenfeast – code: s165
  5. Pumpkin, turk’s turban – code: s181
  6. Spring onion red – code: s158
  7. Silverbeet five colour mix – code: s209
  8. Tomato ten colour heirloom mix – code: s246

Green Harvest, www.greenharvest.com.au

  1. Basil Genovese organic
  2. Basil lime organic
  3. Basil nufar F1 organic
  4. Coriander Slow bolt organic
  5. Dill organic
  6. Parsley giant italy organic
  7. Rocket organic
  8. Tomato ox heart organic
  9. Water cress aqua

Local Magnet Mart

  1. Organic Cucumber
  2. Organic Tomato (Mortgage Lifter)
  3. Dwarf Beans
  4. Gourmet Delight Beans
  5. Organic Beetroot
  6. Medicinal Camomile
  7. Mint

Diggers is so slow in delivery. They are still processing 15th August orders. Green Harvest is good, they deliver in 5 working days. I have got mine in 3 days. Magnet Mart seeds are growing at the moment. One of my Indian friend at work also gave me Lofha, Bitter Melon, Long Melon seeds, and another gave me 3 onions. I think I am missing garlic in the list but that is easy.

I have collected styrofoam vegatable cases from Aldi, and they are superb to grow mint, basil kind of things. You don’t want mint spreading all over the garden and take it over. I will also use them as seperators in the garden between the plots. I raised Magnet Mart seeds in seedlings at my study room and fed them with SeaSol (sea weed liquid fertilizer) and also the juice from my worm farm.

I will also check Eden Seeds at the Griffith shops though I don’t need much seed at the moment.